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Central Heating

Installing Central Heating / Boiler Replacement

At Quickcall Gas Ltd all our Central Heating Systems are designed with the Customers requirements in mind.  As such when installing central heating the choice of boiler installation is dependent upon the property’s size, its layout, the mains water pressure, energy efficiency and much more.

See below to read more about the type of boiler installation choices available for central heating and hot water installation by qualified heating engineers.

All our work is conducted in line with Gas Safety Regulations by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Installer with over 20 years of experience and all work is fully guaranteed.

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Central Heating Installation

Condensing Boiler
A condensing boiler is a highly efficient boiler (87-90.2% efficient) where the heat exchanger is larger than normal. It reduces Flue gas temperatures causing condensation to form in the heat exchanger and flue way. The advantage is that more heat is used resulting in the use of less fuel.

There are two main types of Condensing Boiler installation available:

Condensing Combi / Combination Boiler
Water is heated from the cold water mains, supplying continuous hot water at mains pressure with a reduced flow rate (speed of water typically 10 to 15litres per minute) with a timer for radiators. A combination boiler is larger in size than a conventional boiler but removes the need for a cylinder and header tank. It works best when supplying only one hot tap at a time making it ideal for smaller properties.

Condensing Conventional Boiler
The boiler basically heats water, the heated water is pumped to a valve that diverts to either a hot water cylinder or to the radiators. Generally used in larger properties, or where mains pressure is inefficient for a Combination Boiler.

Un-vented Hot Water
Best used with a Condensing Conventional Boiler. The hot water is pre heated but is stored at mains pressure, giving no loss of flow rate as associated with a combination boiler. Speed of water will be the same as cold mains, typically 20 to 25litres. Ideal for large properties with more than one bathroom the unit will comfortably deal with more than one hot tap at a time.

(Due to potential problems with incorrectly installed units, there is specific training required for the installation of Un-vented Hot Water. We are fully trained and certified Installers of Un-vented hot water).

Central Heating Maintenance / Central Heating Servicing

All central heating maintenance and central heating servicing is undertaken by a fully qualified Gas Safe engineer who ensures all work meets current safety Gas Regulations.

We will service all boiler installation types and water heaters.

What happens during a boiler service?
The appliance will be fully stripped down and cleaned.  Inspection will be made to identify any defects and to ensure safe operation of all components and effectiveness of any flues. A combustion analysis and gas rate check (ensures appliances are burning the right amount of gas) will be carried out, where applicable. (This is a requirement of most condensing boiler manufacturers). The central heating / hot water system and components within will also be tested. Energy efficiency advice will be given if required.

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Central Heating Repair

All repairs are undertaken by a fully qualified Gas Safe engineer who ensures all work meets current safety Gas Regulations.

We will undertake repairs of all boiler installation types and carry a selection of spare parts and equipment for repair of central heating systems.

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