Gas Safety Certificates

Gas Safety Certificates

Landlords and Letting Agents Gas Safety Certificates (cp12)

What is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (cp12)?
Annual inspections of gas installations and appliances are required by Law to ensure the safety of Tenants in rented accommodation against gas leaks or poisonous Carbon Monoxide.

To comply with this Certified Gas Engineers (Gas Safe Registered) such as ourselves will visit the property and subject each appliance to a gas safety check and when satisfied a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (cp12) is issued.

How is the Gas Safety Check (cp12) / Inspection carried out?
We carry out a high number of gas safety checks / inspections each year with discounts available for bulk safety gas checks (contact us for details of Local Agents that use us).

We will contact the Tenant on your behalf to arrange the gas safety inspection / gas check at their convenience.

The gas safety checks are then carried out to meet all the current requirements of the Gas Safety Regulations (with combustion analysis of central heating boilers). All appliances are checked for their safe and correct operation and compliance with Gas Safety Regulations.

We will then send the Gas Safety Record/ cp12 and Invoice to the Landlords / Letting Agents address.

The Landlord Gas Safety Certificate / Record is valid for 12 months and we can contact Landlords / Letting Agents again before the 12 month period has elapsed if so required.

Click here to Book a Gas Safety Check (cp12) or give us a Quick Call on 02476343401.