Flushing Central Heating / Power flushing

Radiator Flushing

When corrosion and sludge builds up in a central heating system it can dramatically affect the efficiency of the boiler and cause premature wear of components within the system. Power flushing will loosen up these deposits so they can be removed, leaving water to circulate freely around the pipes and radiators, improving efficiency.

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Power Flush Process

  1. Hot water and chemicals are flushed through the central heating system, with the use of a powerflush machine, usually connected to the central heating pump.
  2. The boiler, the hot water cylinder and every radiator is flushed and cleaned individually.
  3. Once the deposits have been loosened, clean water is introduced to the central heating system, via the powerflush machine, while simultaneously removing the dirty water.
  4. PH measurements of the water are taken at intervals until the acidity / alkalinity of tap water and the water in the system are the same.
  5. An Inhibitor is added to the central heating system to help prevent the problems reoccurring.